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A. Rogér Reports -

The definitive internet directory report including web directory news, rankings and recommendations to help improve your internet visibility.

Caradotcom -

The personal website and blog of a 20-something web designer that works in a city by day and freelances by night.

Critic Directory -

Features popular directories and includes directory design and directory contests.

Fifty Paise -

Rants covering day to day life from an Indian perspective. -

A random muse covering search marketing, web promotion and thoughts and observances from around the web.

Group is Now in Session -

SEO clues and news for beginning webmasters. Find basic hints, tips and suggestions for improving your visiblity in the major search engines.

Teleport TV -

A SciFi blog teleporting you to all your latest SciFi news from around the Web, World and Beyond.

The Super Cars -

A site about super cars.Find all the popular super cars in the world including detailed stats on performance, top speed, fuel consumption and price.

Vegabond -

Offers news on web directories, web design, template design, SEO tips and more.

VoteTom dot org -

Offers expat information about Spain and life in the Costa Del Sol.

Zune Player -

Zune MP3 player information blog. Includes continually updated reviews and news.